The Black Dress

Sometimes it all starts with a black dress. I am not really a diamond girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little bling from time to time but it is not my go to jewelry. I received this beautiful Jason Wu dress as a gift from my father. It fits like a glove, with clean lines, and a long slit up the side. To me this dress is a blank canvas and as an artist, I approach it as, “what should I add to this canvas”. A red line? A drip of white paint? A series of red circles? These questions are answered with my most recent collection of jewelry pieces. The pieces have graphic elements to be placed on a blank canvas. The white t-shirt or the black dress. They are constructed out of copper enamel, sterling silver, and tiny glass beads. With the beads I am able to draw a line that often cuts through the shapes and also cuts through the black dress. The pieces are easy to wear and add that pop color that can add to or alter the feel of the blank canvas. I have just started to touch on the many possibilities and I am excited to see where it takes me.

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